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Funding & Proposals

The Center for Nutrition, Learning, and Memory hosts an annual research competition for each of 5 years beginning in 2011 for interdisciplinary, team-based nutrition and memory research, involving one or more of the following approaches:

  • Translational/clinical research: demonstrations of nutritional enhancement of learning and memory
  • Basic research: illuminating the mechanisms underlying nutritional enhancement (including animal, human and computational models)
  • Assessment platforms and testing pipelines: developing sensitive and reliable tests of enhancement of learning and memory, at any level (behavioral, brain systems, molecular, etc.)

Now in its fourth year, the CNLM requests proposals that show the most promise for further enhancing and leveraging the success of its ongoing projects. We are particularly interested in those lines of research in ongoing or recently completed projects that, with further funding, will have significant impact by the end of December 2016. Submissions will be evaluated and approved by the CNLM’s Directors and Executive Committee. The total number and distribution of awards will be driven by the amount and quality of the grant proposals received and the level of funding available in Round 4.

Conditions for Applications:

  • Primary Investigators (PIs) for all research must be current CNLM Investigators who are University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) faculty. PIs may expand the team by adding researchers from other University of Illinois campuses, faculty from other research institutions, and/or contract assistance that justifiably provide the expertise and skills to conduct and analyze the proposed project.
  • Proposals must have an interdisciplinary focus.
  • Proposals must be submitted by UIUC faculty.
  • For proposals with a nutritional intervention component, an Abbott Nutrition scientist may be included as a co-investigator on the team if he or she will significantly contribute to the project. However, the AN scientist should not be included in the budget.
  • Proposals should clearly indicate the outcomes and deliverables that will be met by the end of December 2016, and the budget should be modeled accordingly.
  • The deliverables must include at least one draft manuscript at the end of the project.
  • For proposals intending to include a subawardee, prior approval by the CNLM Directors will be required.

Submit a Proposal

Learn the requirements and deadline for submission of proposals.

Funding Priorities

Description of the priorities for funding, and an overview of the tools and assessment platforms.


Access templates and info to assist in the preparation and submission of proposals.