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Priority Area Descriptions

The Center takes the field of nutritional science research into new territory with a focus on multi-disciplinary research and resources, including leading-edge brain imaging and supercomputing technologies, which rarely have been applied to nutrition science research. Outcomes from the research competition will be the building blocks leading to new nutritional products or ingredients designed to address consumer needs.

Funding priorities for Round 4 focus on proposals that show the most promise for further enhancing and leveraging the success of the Center’s ongoing or recently completed projects. We are particularly interested in those lines of research that, with further funding, will have significant impact by the end of December 2016.

Tools and assessment platforms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Human cognition: measurement of fundamental cognitive processes
  • Human brain function: advanced imaging of structure, function and connectivity of critical brain systems and networks
  • Animal models: measuring learning- and memory-related performance, and associated brain activity and plasticity, in selected animal models
  • Genomics and systems biology: identifying biomarkers of enhancement of learning and memory and their mapping to genomic profiles
  • Computing and bioinformatics: data integration, interrogation, mining and modeling of intervention effects across biological levels and types of outcome measures

We strongly encourage the use of opportunistic research strategies, for example by:

  • Targeting special populations
  • Synergistically combining nutritional intervention with other interventions

Visit the Resources page for helpful templates to assist in submitting proposal information.